Our automobile escape tool is comprised of robust tungsten steel and long-lasting PC components, and it can break a car side window in just one second (8mm maximum thickness). Professional testers can also use it up to 10,000 times. It functions perfectly even underwater. In a crisis, absolutely trustworthy. The practical seat belt cutter may be safely concealed inside the car seat hammer. The sharp stainless steel blade makes it easy to quickly cut the seat belt, and you can easily remove it in an emergency by pulling the seat bolt horizontally.

Description of product performance

The safety hammer is an excellent option for daily travel and life protection and is compatible with a variety of cars.

The car safety escape tool is made to swiftly and efficiently break tempered side windows. a reliable window-breaking instrument with a hammerhead that can, in an emergency, save your life.

Compact and handy, it can be used as a keychain and stored in a bag, the glove box, a door pocket, or an armrest box. It is portable and takes up little room.

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