This Hand free private fan has low/medium/high 3 rates level. You can alter proper fan speed by tapping the power button.

The cooling fan with strong wind current makes it a priority in the late spring. 2000mAh lithium updated variant of battery make it endures longer, the USB link that accompanies the fan viable with any USB port. 3 hours quick charging, 2-8 hours working time relies upon various speed.

Made of excellent copper brushless engine, this fan individual produce more grounded, smoother and calmer breeze.

Low commotion of convenient smaller than usual fan will not upset you. The arms of this hanging neck fan are made of silica gel material, so you can change the course with 360┬░rotation without any problem.

This wearable usb work area fan enjoys the benefit of double wind heads which can create wind current rapidly and ease you from heat. Worked with 2000mAh battery-powered battery, this small USB fan guarantees you 4-10 hours use when completely energized. Low/medium/high velocity level. Solid wind current with 7 fan cutting edges contrasting with 3 ones.The completely energized time is roughly 3 hours, viable with most power banks, PCs, compact chargers and different gadgets with USB yield. Hand free plan – Hand free cooling fan with strong airflow.You can drape the fan around your neck and take it all over. It’s an unquestionable requirement for the mid year.

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