Butane Gas Burner Camping Stove with Carrying Case. Features 1.can cook 1-7 eggs, convenient and quick 2.automatically power off when water dry up 3.transparent lid can see the food state clealy 4.measuring cup with scale can cook eggs to your desired hardness 5.duarable and easy to clean specifications 1.material: stainless steel+pp 2. color: blue+clear 3.size: 15x14cm 4.voltage: 220v 50hz 5.power: 350w usage instructions 1.water measuring: add water according to egg cooked degree. 2.eggs preparation: puncture a small hole at eggs with the tip of the measuring cup to prevent eggs’ burst. 3.boiling: power on, red indicatior lights. Automatically power off when water dry up.

Type: Automatic Butane Gas Stove
Burner Type: Piezo
Number of Burners: 1
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Orange
Dimension: 34 cm x 28 cm

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