The RocketSkates are similar to its predecessor in that you can wear almost any regular shoe with them; all you need to do is strap it on and you’re ready to go. Depending on the size of your feet, it either comes with a large footplate or a tiny footplate. Also, you must choose which foot will serve as your lead skate, which directs the other skate. Tilt forward to speed up, then tilt back on your heels to slow down.Acton’s co-founder and CTO, Peter Treadway, claims that while they require some getting used to, beginners may find it rather simple to pick up the sport. Each one has an inbuilt CPU, and a lithium-ion battery pack powers both of them.

Simply click the power button on the back of the skates to turn them on, and then start moving to activate the motors. Treadway demonstrated it with a prototype device at the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco, and he did appear to glide around effortlessly. He explains that these RocketSkates also allow you to walk, which is advantageous if you need to climb some steps in between skate sessions.

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