Samsung’s Galaxy Note series and Galaxy S series have a different fan following. People’s craze about these phones is made to see. But last year the company did not do the Note, due to which the users were a bit disappointed, but this year with the Galaxy S22 Ultra the return of the Note features has created an atmosphere once again. Not only this, but with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the company made many other changes, which the users were demanding for a long time. Now the question was whether Samsung’s S series has become smarter with the Note feature or should the Note remain a Note? When the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra came to us, we tried to find out the answers to the same questions. Along with this, a lot of tests were also done regarding the performance, camera, and design of the phone. Whatever results you get from this test are in front of you.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Design

If you compare the design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with any of the old S series models, then you will say that the phone has changed a lot. Where the company had given the camera bracket in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, where this bracket given on the back panel would merge with the body in the site. At the same time, that design has been removed and you will get to see a flash with four big camera holes on the body itself. Yes! I must say that this design is definitely reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra launched in 2020.

The body of this phone is made of glass, but seeing it, you cannot say that it is glass. The company has used different materials which give a very different feel. On the other hand, the good thing can be said that the quality is so premium that the ten does not even get fingerprints quickly. Along with this, the company has also given the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on the back panel. In such a situation, you will not get to see scratches on the back panel soon and it looks quite neat. There is one drawback where while ordinary glass tends to stick to the hands, it slips a bit. In such a situation, you need to take a lot of care.

The body of the phone is in box design where the side panels are quite curved and it does not sting in the hands when held. Along with this, there is a volume rocker and power button on the right side while on the bottom you get the Aspen, loudspeaker grill, charging slot, and SIM tray. This time too, the company has not given a 3.5mm audio jack and you will have to rely on USB Type-C earphones. The point is, that you can remove Aspen by pressing it.

Overall, if you talk about the design, then you will definitely like it. There the quality is good. Yes! If you are a person with small palms, then you may have some problems with the size. The phone is a bit tall and heavy too. It weighs 228 grams and measures more than 163 mm in length. In this case, you will not be able to use it with one hand.

One thing that can be said best about Samsung’s flagships is that from the last several versions, the company has paid a lot of attention to water and dustproof, and this time also you get the rating of IP68. Where this phone is protected from water and dust to a great extent. This phone will not spoil even if it is in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. The phone has been introduced in Phantom White, Phantom Black, and Burgundy colors. The burgundy color is very unique and this is the model that came to us for review.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Display

When you are writing about a Samsung smartphone, you have a lot to tell in the display segment and if this phone is the flagship device of the company, then you can make a big story. In the Galaxy S22 Ultra, this segment has become even more special. The company has given a 6.8-inch screen that comes with Quad HD + resolution (3088 x 1440 pixels). This time the Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel has been used which is better than ever. Like the previous model, you will also get to see the adaptive 120Hz screen refresh rate which automatically adjusts to 30Hz, 60Hz, and 120Hz according to the need of the content so that you get a smooth experience.

Along with the refresh rate, there is a lot of talk of brightness today so that there is less light or a sharp angle, you can get a better view. Even in this case, the S22 Ultra will not disappoint you. This phone supports 1,750 nits peak brightness, which is currently the best brightness available in the market. No matter how bright the light is, you will get a better display on the phone. Along with this, the good thing that can be said is that its punch hole cut out is very small. In such a situation, you will not have any problem while watching videos or playing games. Not only this, if the AMOLED panel of the phone is so great that during the screen off, the punch hole cutout is not visible from anywhere and a full black screen is visible. Even if you do video streaming, it will be said to be good enough for you. HDR 10+ support is available in this. As far as security is concerned, the company has also given the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus in the front.

Overall, you will not find any difference in the display segment. Yes! The problem can come that if you have not used the curved display before, then due to frequent touches on the side, apps are often opened.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Performance

It is a matter of great happiness for all the Samsung S series fans in India that this time the company has introduced its flagship with a Snapdragon processor. Earlier all flagship phones were launched on Exynos but in 2022 this change has been made by the company. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been introduced on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. It is an octa-core processor which is built on 4nm fabrication. The processor supports a maximum clock speed of 3 GHz and is built on Cortex X1 architecture. Along with this, you get LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage together. So I can say that you will have fun while using it and it is one of the fastest phones from Samsung right now. Whether you do multitask in it or heavy gaming, you will not get any complaints from anywhere. Not only this, but the benchmark score will also surprise you a lot this time.
On our Antutu Benchmark test, the phone managed to score up to 912577, while the GFX Manhattan score was 7435 frames at 120 fps, while the Trex scored 6669 frames, which is pretty much the best. Talking about Geekbench, the single-core score was 1142 and the multi-core score was 3293.

During use, we also did a gaming test of the phone and there this device was able to perform much better. We played the game for about 30 minutes on this phone. When we started the game, the temperature of the phone was around 27 degrees while after the game it went up to 34 degrees. It is exactly according to the prescribed scale. On the other hand, every time we start gaming with 100 percent battery in our test and did the same in this too. A drop of about 7% was seen in half an hour of gaming. That is, overall it was managing the temperature and the battery well. At the same time, this phone was able to score more than ten and a half hours on the PC mark as well. In such a situation, you can not say any lack in performance and it is one of the most powerful phones. But if you are looking for the best gaming phone, then it will definitely be in the top 5 at the moment, but you cannot call it the best.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Software

The software of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also special this time because Aspen has been added to the phone. This phone works on One UI v4.0 which is based on Android 12. Although the custom UI hasn’t changed much, it gives you a stock feel. There are many preloaded apps available with the phone, some of which are useful but some may be useless. In such a situation, you can uninstall many apps while some can be disabled. But what we liked is that it will not get tons of ads and notifications like Chinese phones. Although the Galaxy app does suggest you a few apps, they can be managed.
Talking about the user interface of the phone, it is quite good and is also easy to use. Unnecessary customization will not be available. Whatever things happen on Android phones, they will be found there.

Talking about the S-Pen features of this phone, then the same features that you used to get in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. One thing is changing and that is the latency rate. It has become faster and more accurate than before, so it becomes fun to write.

Where the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra had the S-Penon of the phone color, this time the company has used a black colored pen. However, along with the Note feature, its Air Command feature will also impress you a lot. It also has online note support where you can create notes by simply taking out the Aspen without even turning on the phone screen.

If the phone is on, then after removing the Aspen, the Note feature is activated and you can use it according to your need. On the other hand, if you want, by editing the given default features, you can add or remove features according to your need.

This pen also works like a remote. You can control the phone’s app from the pen itself. You can turn on the camera app by briefly pressing the button given in the pen. Not only this, the camera can be controlled to a great extent from the remote itself. A picture can be clicked with a single click of a button. Apart from this, you can change the camera by moving the pen from top to bottom or from the bottom, you can shift from rear to front and front to rear camera. On the other hand, you can change the camera features by pressing the pen from right to left or from left to right. The most important thing that can be said is that you can use all these features from a distance of up to 30 feet.

The zoom feature will also impress you a lot, whereby by pressing the button on the S-Pen if you move your hand from left to right, the camera will zoom. On the other hand, when moving from right to left, there is a zoom-out. Along with this, the phone’s Aspen browser and other apps including YouTube also work very well. It also proves to be very special in text selection and translation.

Changing the point of the pen, changing the size and color of the brush, etc., have all been there with Aspen but the pressure-sensitive point support in the screen makes it even better. Where according to the pressure it changes the point of the pen. If you write with light hands then you will get thin handwriting whereas if you write with little pressure then you will get thick handwriting. With this, it is very helpful to write or underline and mark a particular point. As soon as the phone’s S-Pen is put in the phone, it is registered and connected.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera

Although Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has come quite powerful this time I can say that the most powerful of them all is its camera. The phone has the power to do better photography in any condition. The company has introduced it with a quad-camera setup and its main camera is 108MP which comes with an f / 1.8 aperture. This sensor supports wide-angle. The main camera has been equipped with features like PDAF, Laser AF, and OIS. On the other hand, its second sensor is a 10MP periscope telephoto lens which comes with an f / 2.9 aperture and it supports 10X optical zoom. In this, you also have dual pixel PDAF and OIS support. The third lens of this phone is also 10 MP and it is also a telephoto lens. With this lens, you get support for dual pixel PDAF, OIS, and 3x optical zoom. You can imagine how many features the company has given for stabilization. Apart from this, the fourth sensor of the phone is the 12 MP Ultra-Wide Angle camera and you also get the video stabilization feature.

This time there is a slight difference in the camera menu of the phone as well. Earlier where portrait mode was given inside. At the same time, it has now been made outside the menu panel itself. At the same time, in the camera menu section, you get features like slow motion and ultra-slow motion.
Talking about photo quality, I can say that this is Samsung’s best camera phone to date. Earlier the Galaxy S21 was also special but the new model is quite an upgrade. Not only will you get better detail in this, but the dynamic range is also amazing. We got to see good detailing even during zoom. Coming to the 10X zoom, there is a little noise but that too would be said to be quite good. Not only this, but it also has the power to leave the iPhone behind in terms of detailing and stabilization.
What we found most special is its portrait mode. In this, this phone is clicking Kamal’s photo. At the same time, you can adjust the background before taking the photo and even after taking the photo. Talking about HDR, it is much better there too.

The phone has OIS with three sensors and also has stabilization for video and it can be said that it is one of the best phones in this matter at the moment. At the same time, it is difficult to match it for video as well. The pro-grade camera gives you all kinds of features. For videos, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can record up to 60 frames per second in Full HD and UHD. At the same time, you know that from the last several series, the company is giving an 8K recording option and in this also you get video recording at the rate of 24 frames per second. It also captures the sound very well during the video and you will really enjoy it.

Yes! You can get some complaints in wide-angle mode. The detailing of the picture in the corner is not very good.
On the front, you get a 40 MP selfie camera, and there you also get the support of portrait and wide-angle and there will be no complaint from anywhere in the picture quality.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery

The battery experience in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was somewhat mixed. The company has launched it with a 5,000 mAh battery. However, it has fast charging support up to 45W. Along with this, the company has also given wireless charging support. Where you can use a charger up to 15W. But there is no charging adapter with the phone. But the battery backup will impress you. Once fully charged, it takes a day if you use it properly. But if you use gaming or a camera more then it becomes difficult. This phone survived for more than 10 hours on the PC mark, which can be said to be a good thing.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Connectivity

In Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you get 5G support along with 4G. At the same time, the company has introduced Bluetooth 5.2 which is capable of transferring data and music even on low power. Along with this, 5 GHz and the latest 6 GHz band support have also been provided with WiFi 2.5 GHz.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cost

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been launched in India with three memory variants. 256GB memory with 12GB RAM, which costs Rs 1,09,999. Whereas 512GB storage with 12GB RAM costs Rs 1,18,999 and 12GB with 1TB storage costs Rs 1,34,999. A phone above one lakh can not be called cheap. But if we compare the price with the previous model, this time it has been increased by 5,000 and in terms of features, it is a lot of upgrades. Having the Note feature in the phone will be called a good coincidence and it can be said that it has come as a good option for Note fans where one feels the note with the perfect style and powerful features.
Talking about the competitor, you can only compare it with the iPhone. At present, no phone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor can match it. Yes, if you want to take a phone with this processor in a little less range, then you can look at the OnePlus 10 Pro, iQoo 9 Pro, and Moto Edge 30 Pro.

In the end, I would like to say one thing that someone’s game can be better than this someone’s OS but the Note feature with S-Pen will be available only with Galaxy S22 Ultra and it is difficult to match at the moment.

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