Using the doorbell, this device keeps a constant connection to your front door from any location at any time.
This gadget offers a sophisticated Built-In INTRUDER ALARM SYSTEM and a 1080P Full HD Camera to intelligently secure the entrance to your home.

For total peace of mind, this device also offers a DO NOT DISTURB mode.
Speak and listen to your visitors clearly with 2-WAY TALK, and when you are busy, reply with PRE-RECORDED MESSAGES.

Person Detection with Intruder Alarm:

Cutting-edge AI skills that can intelligently identify and alert whenever a person is identified. In the event of an intrusion, a siren can also be activated.
A unique video collage that is presented to you at the end of each day allows you to see what has been happening on your front door throughout the day.

365-day intelligent motion detections:
Automated movement detection, video recording, and phone notification
Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3, which has a human body sensor and AI human shape recognition technology, tracks any unusual movements in your doorway and notifies you via your smartphone as soon as they are identified.

Real-time observation:
a monitor that doubles as a doorbell
Technologies with low power requirements and quick wake-up times use less energy when in standby. supports smartphone-based remote doorbell wake-up and doorway watching at all times and locations.

Two-way audio, intelligent voice changer:
That provides comfort even when a person is alone at home.
You can see who is at the door when the doorbell rings, and you can talk to them on your smartphone. allows for voice switching to safeguard your privacy.

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