This camera used for monitoring staff at office, godown, prevention of theft / shop.

The 1080p HD Hidden Camera from IFITech can To covertly monitor areas such as homes and offices, use a USB charger plug. While concurrently recording HD AV material that can be viewed on a computer using a cable or card reader connected to the device, the simple to use gadget cleverly identifies motion utilising its 70° viewing angle. A bonus is the ability to charge mobile devices.

The plug-and-play security camera supports FAT32 format Memory card and doesn’t need any setup beforehand. Place a memory card into the camera and plug it into a power source to start recording videos. The instant the gadget is unplugged, the recording will stop.

The recorded video information can be viewed on a computer using the provided USB cable, or it can be viewed on a mobile phone by inserting a memory card.

This is perfect for keeping an eye on employees at the office or godown, preventing theft or shoplifting, or tracking the movement of people with special needs, elderly family members, young children, pets, and others at home.

The HD 1920*1080p colour video camera produces HD grade surveillance content with a 70 degree viewing angle and 20 frames per second (FPS) AV output.

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