One reason is that, as of yet, their cost-to-utility ratio isn’t as good as that of other, non-smart devices. Starting at roughly $459, the six-mile R6 model may be upgraded to the eight- or ten-mile R10 for an additional $100 or $200. Compared to unrocketed skates or a basic bike, this isn’t absurdly pricey in the land of gadgets, but it is.

Some issues are more challenging to put a number on. Consider it the “Google Glass Effect” or the “Segway Factor,” a phenomenon where a particularly noticeable piece of technology becomes vilified for various reasons. The stigma therefore acts as a further barrier to success on the general market.

It has an effective engine, three wheels, and a handle.
It has an effective engine, three wheels, and a handle.
The YX One, created by a team in Dublin, Ireland, has three wheels—two in the front and one in the back—as well as a strong motor and a handle.

The length of this off-road skateboard is 980 mm, and its weight is only about 22 kg. Depending on weight and environmental factors, the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery has a maximum range of up to 60 kilometres (37 miles). Three hours are needed for the 624 Wh battery to charge to 80%. Moreover, it has a 1500 W electric motor with a 40 km/h top speed (25 mph).

Characteristics of YX One
The YX One has been specifically developed for other sorts of terrain, such beaches, trails, and fields, with a maximum inclination of 15 degrees, although it may be used in cities. It does have huge tyres, with the front wheels having 10-inch tyres and the rear wheels having 13-inch tyres, as well as an integrated suspension system.

The rider adjusts his body weight for control, changing it from front to back and from toe to heel to determine which way he wants to turn. The attached control handle of the board allows the rider to also regulate the disc brake and speed. In addition to improving balance and directional control at higher speeds or tighter turns, this makes riding safer.

Today, the YX One may be pre-ordered for $1,099 on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, where it is now offered with a 51% discount. It will be delivered in time for the summer of 2020, when the anticipated retail cost would be $2,290.

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